Sherry Johnson Ministries (SJM) is an independent ministry. 

Our main focus is lifting up Jesus Christ and worshipping Him.

We look to Jesus to provide financially and clear up debts and provide for us.  Whatever your need is financially we will uphold you in prayer.  The same goes for physical healing, relationship needs, salvation for loved ones and freedom from whatever is needed.  Whatever your needs are we will pray for you.  God does answer prayer.

You'll learn what the Bible says about Jesus and who he is and what the Bible says for you today.  The teaching and training is scriptural and practical and applicable for you today.

You'll learn about prayer, spiritual warfare, salvation and assurance of your salvation and what God says in His word about how he wants you to live.

Ours is a fellowship of people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord and have a desire to live for him and serve him.

We'll be learning to live scripturally in fellowship with the Lord and one and each other and what the Bible says about practically loving one another.

You'll learn how to share your faith and learn how to develop and use the gifts God has given you.

Many opportunities are provided for you to share your faith and serve through SJM ministries.

You'll learn about heaven and hell and the end times events as recorded in the book of Revelation.

You'll learn how to live in freedom and peace and joy.




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